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29 Mar 2002
"By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them." (Matt 7:16)

Homophilia: Killing Fields In Denial

No, the title is not a misspelling. In today's world of thoroughly corrupted language, "homophilia" would take its place as the opposite of "homophobia." We find that those who cannot function with truth, regularly inventing words, and assigning them meanings, much the same as the fraudulent "Wizard of Oz" with his smoke and mirrors. As a vivid example, "homophobia" is a meaningless word from the literal standpoint, but is used as a rhetorical weapon against any who dare hold reservations and/or repugnance to the homosexual lifestyle — lifestyle, referring to same sex sexual activity. We shall get more into this word/language carnage further on in this article.

Let it be understood it is not our purpose here to in anyway slight those very unfortunate individuals who are afflicted with homosexual inclinations but who recognize its perversity and sincerely strive for and achieve chastity. There are many who have overcome the homosexual condition and are now living normal lives in heterosexual relationships.

This is never achieved, however, without that individual first recognizing personally the evil of homosexual activity and renouncing it. Sincere prayer and penance can free one from this condition. May God bless them abundantly. No, those we are going to address in the following pages are those who are practitioners and advocates of homosexuality. Those who proclaim no need for conversion; yea, even boast of their proclivities. The fouled taint of this pestilence has been seeping to the surface for the last three decades; and now, to the dismay of many, it seems we are in a deluge. This being the era of no personal fault for anything, who, or what, do we turn to so as to assign the blame?

There is no questioning we have experienced scandalous performance from our past Archbishops Murphy and Hunthausen, along with far too many rebellious clergy. However, we the people cannot deny that in the face of this very real climate of immoral advocacy, we have most often been as those who Christ stated He would vomit from His mouth. "But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth." Apoc. 3:16.

Before getting to the very distasteful task of addressing the publicized scandal that has been surfacing of late, we believe the time is long past when we should stop and do some reflection on where we have come to in the contemporary ideology that has sprung up around us on the subject of sodomy. It is necessary that we revisit what homosexual activity is, from the standpoint of reality, in contrast to the fantasy scene in which it has been cast in recent decades. An Orwellian perspective that has taken on a life of its own. A deadly folly which is readily apparent as a lie, but which its advocates have demanded, too often without rebuttal, that we embrace as truth. A truly bizarre scene that demands our waking up and reclaiming our senses and decency. If we are going to acquiesce to such idiocy, we forsake all claim to the rejection of any lie that is put to us as a truth. It is intellectual sloth, which can have deadly consequences indeed. It is to the point, NOW, where confrontation with those assaulting the truth can no longer be deferred.

This evil facade fabricated on mendacity must be dismantled and the reality behind it exposed. Our sodomite conspirators have demonstrated the sorcerer's mastery of deception by legitimizing the pervert "out" from the closet and with the other hand, closeting the truth. As was mentioned above, one of their tools is the corruption of language and terminology. Contradictory "spins" and mendaciousness are applied to their semantics and very arrogantly and aggressively promoted as newfound fact. Intimidation is a parallel tactic in this endeavor. Experience has demonstrated that the only way left for the advocates of morality is an "in your face" rejection of these fallacious endeavors. Otherwise, to use a cliché: "We're going to have to say it like it is"

Although there are several corrupted terms we would like to address, let us begin with their word weapon: "Homophobia." Not only is this term used to vilify "straights," but the normal/natural emotion for the condition which it denotes is completely inverted (turned upside down). "Homophobia" is put forth as an insidious mindset harbored by any who hold the homosexual lifestyle as morally offensive. Put more plainly, you are to accept, under pain of being labeled homophobic, that a foul smell is not that at all, but is becoming. The fact that your nose refuses to cooperate in this stupidity is something you just have to live with. They're getting away with this and one can only venture: just how mindlessly gullible have we allowed ourselves to become? It might be well to here point out that no one is known to have died from the condition of so-called "homophobia," but hundreds of thousands have died from the consequences of "homophilia." It seems rather bizarre that this is never mentioned!

So what are we saying here? It is this. Homophobia, if it is taken to mean an aversion to homosexual acts, is not a faulted mentality, but a sign of mental health! It is normal to be repelled by something that is repugnant to right reason and the natural order. The odor of human sewage is universally offensive because nature wants us always to be aware of its unhealthy properties. Hence, our rejection and disposal of sewage reflects right reason and therefore normality. Conversely, those who might be attracted to human sewage very definitely have a serious problem and are obviously devoid of right reason. If one chooses to address you as a "homophobe" for reflecting this natural reaction, then be thankful of them assuring you of your clean bill of health.

The terms "homophobia/homophobic," then, is meant to intimidate and stifle resistance to the sodomites' determination to legitimize their depraved lifestyle. A Catholic man, some time ago, made the following public statement with regard to the individual who participated in sodomite activity. We quote:

Now there's a supercharged "homophobe" if ever there was one. What degree of apoplexy do you suppose would explode from our deviants today at such public uttering? That Catholic man, above quoted, is the holy apostle St. Paul and his words are from his "Letter to the Romans." Rom. 1:29-32. While at this point, we shall digress a little bit on St. Paul. It is thoroughly refreshing to observe the works of St. Paul giving example as to how Catholic men, especially the consecrated, should comport themselves. There is no compromising to evil and immorality. We look around us to see what has happened to our Catholic men of today. Where are they? What's happened to them? Pardon me, but it too often appears that we have multitudes who have sophisticated themselves to the level of the lifeless. They couldn't find it within themselves to say stink if they had their nostrils stuffed with it.

If any wish to make so bold as to refute the inerrancy of the Bible, and the words of St. Paul, then you have no claim to being Catholic; Christian for that matter, and you announce yourself as a charlatan. You're off the reservation, and your ruminations are of no worth whatsoever.

We shall go on and briefly treat of the terms: "Love, tolerance/intolerance and bigot/bigotry," which along with "homophobe," comprise a significant portion of the sodomites' total vocabulary. Here, as with "homophobe," they have disfigured and inverted the terms to the point of their being meaningless. As with "homophobe," with the possible exception of the term "love," they are most often used in the context of invective. Here again, straightforward clarification must be demanded.

"LOVE," being applied as an emotion directly related to homosexual activity, is nonexistent. The proper term is "LUST," and not just lust, but an obsessive and compelling lust, a lust that craves gratification even from anonymous others. Agape (sacrificial) love never consciously inflicts harm on the one loved. Homosexual acts render both physical and spiritual impairment to all its participants. To infer that "love" is associated with homosexual activity is an oxymoron (self contradicting), pure and simple. In the words of a well known Catholic Saint:

"BIGOTRY" and "INTOLERANCE" are interrelated terms in that a "bigot" is one who is guilty of "intolerance." According to the homosexual subculture these epithets apply to the whole of mankind that does not embrace their sexual travesties. Obviously, then, it is a small percentage of the world's population that escapes this stigma. TOLERATION is demanded by all. That being the case, we shall make the same demands, but with the stipulation that Christian truth and reason be the qualifier for its adoption. It must be understood that toleration, in and of itself, can very well be an expression of corruption. One who demands a toleration of immorality is practicing the intolerance of decency and right reason. Toleration, in such application, then, is more properly addressed as the license for and the indulgence of, evil! If the sodomite is going to vilify others for alleged bigotry or intolerance, then let his charge be subject to the qualifier of legitimate Christian morality. With such requirements, no doubt, the high decibels will fall to murmurs in a very short time.

There is a new term that has come to the fore, which does have some merit from the standpoint of identifications. That term is: "Homosexualist." A homosexualist, it is explained, is one that is not a homosexual himself or herself but who are open apologists and supporters of the sodomite subculture. There are obviously a great number of these homosexualists, especially in the highly visible media forms. These "homosexualists'" will fall into one of three realities. 1. They are "know nothings." 2. They demand license in morals and therefore are intolerant of decency. 3. Their own moral lifestyle is such that they would be hypocrites in condemning another's. The descriptive label, "Useful Idiots," then, is certainly applicable to homosexualist persons as above described. In any event, they are antagonistic to God's laws, and are on the other side.


Nowhere in today's civilization is the blatant arrogance of the homosexual advocacy people and the irresponsible naiveté of the ordinary citizenry demonstrated than in the realm of personal and public health. The empirical data available with its totally overwhelming statistics revealing the disease and death directly attributed to homosexual activity is mind-boggling. The average life span of an active homosexual is in the middle forties. That is just a little over half the average life span of the rest of the population. Contrast this with all the media outrage and hell-fire raised about tobacco, which comes nowhere near that statistic as a threat to life expectancy. Adding diabolic mockery to this stupidity, we have AIDS, the most lethal venereal disease in the history of the world, being given benevolent treatment by both the government and health agencies alike. That in and of itself is criminal negligence.

It doesn't stop there. Unbelievable as it may seem, we are told: they demand the right to instruct our children, that the disease and death sodden activity of sodomy is a perfectly acceptable "alternative lifestyle." What kind of fools are we to stand by, frozen in our boots, witnessing this horror taking possession of our culture? Those who believe that if I keep my nose out of it, it will not affect my family, or myself are in for a very rude awakening. Evil is never static, and those who will not resist it will eventually find that it has dominion over you and yours This is not a quirk of nature, it is part of God's plan; it is part of God's testing of our commitment to uphold His teachings. If we do not resist evil, we will be significantly responsible for the evil consequences, and yes, we shall answer to God for it!

It is very likely true that a certain amount of inertia regarding resistance has been brought about by the consistent barrage of oratory emanating from sodomite supporters implying that the homosexual proclivity is a "no-fault" condition brought about through genetics. What one must accept in such a premise, however, is the blasphemous position whereby God would create some people whose genetic assemblage would be such as to compel them to reject the natural laws that He Himself established. This would be God working against Himself, which, of course, is so ludicrous as to not be worthy of comment.

One will ask; if its all so cut and dried, why all the controversy? Why the confusion now, when it was not so in the past? The answer is that our wayward shepherds have brought about this confusion by the scandal of their ambiguous testimony. Whether subterfuge was intended, or not, is entirely beside the point. The fact is, they are the source of today's chaos in moral ethics regarding homosexuality. Look at catechesis as it is rendered today. A single sentence will be devoted to the stating that the homosexual act is wrong and the Church condemns it. You will then have paragraphs devoted to announcing that the homosexual orientation, however, is not a sin and lamenting how unfairly homosexuals are treated along with all our responsibilities in accepting them and their blameless shortcomings. All of which amounts to a vindication and apologetic for the homosexual subculture. A graphic example of this was the scandalous publication: "The Prejudice Against Homosexuals and the Ministry of the Church," — released by the Washington State Catholic Conference in 1983. Although in conflict with later instructions on homosexuality, released by the Vatican, it is still in circulation and un-amended.

The public forum has revealed that we do indeed have what is described as "homosexualists" in the persons of our previous Archbishops Murphy and Hunthausen, along with a good portion of the clergy. Their disobedience should not be rewarded by our obedience to their dereliction, however.


The origins of homosexuality have very clear Biblical explanations. Its onset is preceded by acts of the individual whereby they internally reject God and place himself or herself, or another person or object, in place of God for adulation. You will find these personal acts of offense to God, and there consequences, candidly explained in Romans 1:18-27. We quote:

We must accept, of course, that none of us are without sin. Also, we must expect our suffering is going to be proportionate to the extent of our disobedience (sin). With most sinful acts, we inflict upon ourselves the suffering consequential to that sin. It would appear from the instruction from St. Paul, however, that the magnitude of the collective sins of: Vainness — Narcissism — Exchange the truth of God for a lie — worship the creature rather than the Creator, is so offensive to God as to cause His removal of all grace from that individual leaving them to be subject to their most base passions. A greater disaster could scarcely be imagined, for man is doomed without grace. As God would allow such a condition (sodomy), it stands that the only means available for the removal of that affliction would be through remorse, renouncement of the deadly sins embraced, along with prayer and penance. Conversely, those who proclaim the homosexual condition as acceptable and normal are charlatans and liars!

The Archdiocese of Seattle acknowledges that they have ordained known homosexuals and that there are homosexual priests serving in the archdiocese. This would be in conflict with Canon Law (No.1051 #1), but that is a moot point regarding those who have already been ordained. There are members of this group who do not renounce homosexuality. To the contrary, they attempt to normalize its existence and philosophy. These particular priests, and those who support this immorality, are charlatans and impostors! They are the rotten fruit that can do nothing but corrupt and the American Catholic church is now well into reaping the whirlwind that these many have sown.

Erven Park
Toledo, WA

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