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25 Jan 2002
Abortion is Hazardous to Your Health

The increasing health risks of partaking in ritual murder

Despite its obvious role in the direct destruction of innocent human life, the practice of abortion is increasingly resulting in other serious consequences for its perpetrators. As with other unnatural acts (sodomy, drug abuse, etc.), abortion is taking its natural toll on those indoctrinated with secular beliefs based on man's fallen nature rather than the divine Truth of God. While psychological and physiological afflictions resulting from abortion have been observed for some time, the research and evidence are reaching undeniable levels, admitted even by a "Women's Committee Expert" at the UN.1

Have such findings frightened those individuals and organizations interested in furthering the plague of abortion? Certainly not. They claim the cases to be fabrications, the research biased and the results tainted. They can see no possible way for abortion to do anything but good both for individuals and society. They come with their own figures and numbers and research and "experts" showing abortion to be a "harmless, risk-free" procedure. Those who proclaim the ultimate superiority of "freedom" and "choice" are unable to accept anything which contradicts their secular dogmas. But I guess if you'll believe a kicking, moving child with a beating heart is merely a mass of tissue which can be removed and discarded at whim, you'll believe anything.

Trauma, Depression and Suicide

In November of 2001, the United States Senate passed an appropriations bill for the departments of Labor, Health & Human Services and Education that gave official recognition to "post-abortion depression and post-abortion psychosis". In her National Review Online article, Kathryn Jean Lopez identified this as the "first federal recognition that women — other than the ones who actually die or are otherwise physically injured, by infections or worse, at the hands of abortionists — can actually suffer from something real: a genuine, medically recognized depression."

Catholics involved in "Project Rachel" efforts across the country have been aware of these problems for years: Such trauma can lead to depression and even suicide. An Italian study which concluded in August of 2001 demonstrated a strong correlation between elective abortions and female suicides. The study examined data on over 500,000 abortions from 1995 to 1998 and published the results in the journal "Human Reproduction": Such problems are very real and very dangerous. While abortionists are quick to dismiss such cases as "self-imposed and misplaced guilt" perpetuated by pro-life groups, they have not been able to explain away the consistency of the findings across cultural, religious and social groups. Such results are found even in situations where societal support for abortion is very strong and mothers are almost completely shielded from the truth.

The Breast Cancer Link

Breast cancer is rapidly replacing "AIDS" as the "fashionable" medical cause of the day. Whether it be the latest Hollywood awards program, a local triathlon or an executive fundraiser, the urgency of breast cancer support is everywhere. Because of the almost exclusive effect upon women, feminist groups have been at the forefront on promoting such widespread breast cancer "awareness". In a tragic twist of irony, the evidence that breast cancer is linked to another feminist cause — elective abortion — has been met with embarrassment and denial.

"Women are at risk and they do not really know about it."
New York endocrinologist Dr. Joel Brind noted that such a correlation was observed as early as 1957 in Japan. Since then, evidence has been gathered from around the world "lending credence to the abortion-breast cancer connection." New York breast health specialist Dr. Angela Lanfranchi established the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute in Poughkeepsie three years ago to help spread information on the clear link between breast cancer and abortion. If Planned Parenthood were truly concerned with the health of women rather than the unrepentant spread of their Satanic ideologies, they would have no problem informing their "patients" that abortion significantly increases the risk of breast cancer.

Just last month, a study in Britain found that abortion makes women nearly twice as likely to develop breast cancer. The study examined 22,000 women in England and Wales and the results led to some dire predictions:

Right after the study was released, several cases popped up in Australia of women suing abortion doctors for not properly informing them of the breast cancer risk: In fact, last August three women in California (Agnes Bernardo, Pamela Colip and Sandra Duffy-Hawkins) sued Planned Parenthood to force the infamous abortion provider to reveal the scientific evidence of the link between abortion and breast cancer:

"Yet 'safe, legal' abortion poses many dangers to the mother, not least of which is a greatly increased risk of breast cancer in succeeding years. And in the developing world, breast cancer is a death sentence."
What is becoming tragic in "civilized" countries is shaping up to become absolutely genocidal in those developing nations succumbing to UN pressure for "safe, legal, available" abortions. One unfortunate side effect of the United States' recent victory over the Taliban has been the "liberation" of Afghan women to the horrors of abortion. The UNFPA, with the support of Planned Parenthood International and New York Senator Hillary Clinton, has thus far been successful in legalizing abortion in the post-Taliban government and establishing large "family planning" (i.e. "baby killing") programs. This sort of integration into a Muslim culture may be a first step in overcoming the strong opposition to UN "family planning" policies among Arab nations: As was seen with the reprehensible offer of free abortions and red, white and blue condoms in New York after the September 11th attacks, the armies of Satan are never at rest and willing to take advantage of every opportunity and opening to spread their evils.


Those who promote abortion as a "choice" or a victimless, harmless operation are finding themselves faced with an increasing body of evidence which is becoming harder and harder to deny. Given the clear damage and health risks that have resulting from what they consider a "liberating" practice, their credibility is slipping.

The "solutions" they promote for the problems of the world are completely dictated by their man-made and shifting ideologies. When sodomites and drug addicts perpetuate an outbreak of crime and disease, liberals ignore the obvious cause and propose "safe measures" and "acceptance training" in vain hope to lessen their effects. When abortion leads to trauma and depression, they seek a solution through "therapy". When an increase in breast cancer results, it's time to deny causal factors and find a "cure". Again, it's a wonder that individuals who reject all religious truths as "irrational" are completely willing to accept outrageous and inconsistent secular dogmas that run contrary to human reason and conscience.

What a wonderful thing it is to live in such a "rational" world.

Peter Miller
Seattle, WA

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